Friday, June 11, 2010

"If you don’t have faith that the world will turn in your direction then it just simply never will."

After letting it sit on top of my Blu-ray player for five months, I have FINALLY watched Rachel Getting Married. (You are all very proud of me, I know, you do not have to say it :o) Anne Hathaway plays a recovering addict who is getting out of rehab just in time for her older sister's wedding. As I had been warned, there were a couple scenes where you feel the awkwardness of the situation, which always makes me physical uncomfortable, but overall it was an excellent film. I especially liked that the music was not like a normal soundtrack, that the musicians were actually playing live while the scenes were being filmed. It made it much more natural that the wedding musicians, who were also friends of the family, were either rehearsing on the porch or just messing around in the other room while the family was interacting elsewhere in the house. The performances were fantastic and because of the realness of the characters and the way it was filmed, you really felt like part of this family. Anne Hathaway's performance is amazing and should not be missed!

On the complete opposite end of the movie-spectrum, I also recently watched Dear John. It was pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Nicholas Sparks book made into a movie (ie. A Walk to Remember and The Notebook). It was not horrible but it was not that great either. It also had this autism sub-plot that was not really developed all that well and just made the story more convoluted than it needed to be. Channing Tatum's and Amanda Seyfried's performances were fine, I just wish they would choose better movies to make. They are both good actors, they just happen to make some crappy movies.

I have completed Deadwood season two and it continues to be amazing. I am a taking a little break before starting season three two watch a few movies, but will get back into it very soon.

From Netflix, I have gotten Quantum of Solace and Silkwood.

The only James Bond movies that I have seen are the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig versions. I have never really found them to be anything extraordinary. I watch them because they are fun and there are crazy action and fight sequences. But I have never found the plots to be all that interesting or believable. After watching Quantum of Solace, that tradition lives on. Maybe the earlier Bond movies have more to them, but I am going to guess that they probably do not. I did enjoy Quantum of Solace, as it was pretty much exactly what I had expected it to be. It was also very cool to see Siena, Italy at the beginning of the movie after having been there ten years ago with my Ya-yas :o)

I never got the chance to see MacGruber :o( It did not get very good reviews and did not do well in theaters, so it is already out of theaters near me. I just never had the time to get to see it so I will, unfortunately, have to wait until it is out on DVD. (Sorry JGE!!!)

On a completely non-entertainment related note, there are a lot of things going on in the world right now. The people of New Orleans, Haiti, Chile are still recovering from natural disasters. The Gulf Coast is also dealing with the on-going issue of the oil spill. There have been earthquakes, tornadoes and flooding all over the world, as well as in our own backyards. If you are feeling as completely hopeless and useless as I am and want to know where you can send money and aid, here are a few of my suggestions:
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Habitat for Humanity
United Way

I will be celebrating my 27th birthday this Sunday, so in honor of...myself...I leave you with this funny clip :o)