Sunday, November 10, 2013

Adam: When it comes to you and the laundry, there are no accidents!

Beverly: I always wash new clothes. You don't know who tried them on before you, could have been a drifter!
Adam: What kind of drifter shops at the Willow Grove Mall?!
Beverly: Well, what kind of drifter needs to buy new clothes when he already has perfectly good ones?
Adam: A drifter with a mom who drove him to drifting! The open road was his only way out!

Sunday: Once Upon A Time - In tonight's episode, we return with Ariel to Storybrooke. She is there to get something for Mr. Gold who is now working with Regina to take down Peter Pan and save Henry. Last week, Emma, Mary Margaret, David and Hook rescued Neil but, in order to do that, they each had to reveal their darkest secrets to the group. It will be interesting to see how these secrets affect them on their own quest to get Henry back and get out of Neverland.

Watch Live: The Good Wife, Masters of Sex
DVR: Homeland

Monday: Castle - While Castle, Beckett and company do not keep me on the edge of my seat like they used to, I still get pleasure from this show each week. The only real explanation for that is Nathan Fillion and the chemistry between the cast. I also look forward to a potential Castle-Beckett wedding in the near future...just hopefully not one on a space ship :)

Watch Live: How I Met Your Mother, Sleepy Hollow
DVR: Hart of Dixie, The Voice

Tuesday: The Goldbergs - I am really enjoying this new sitcom a lot more than I expected. The creator, Adam Goldberg, is from the Philadelphia area and since the show is based on his family that is where it takes place. We all know how biased I am about anything related to Philly, so seeing older brother Barry rock Flyers and Sixers gear every week makes me like this show even more. However, it is actually incredibly funny and you should all be watching it.

Watch Live: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Trophy Wife, Sons of Anarchy
DVR: The Originals, New Girl, The Voice

Wednesday: The Tomorrow People - Last week, Ultra ambushed Cara, John and the others when they attempted to enjoy a night out among humans. Stephen continues to help his new friends while working undercover for his uncle, but has now revealed his powers to his best friend Astrid. We have seen small glimpses of John and Cara's backstories and I look forward to learning more about them and also hopefully Russell and Jedikiah. This show started off strong and continues to get better each week.

Watch Live: Arrow, Nashville

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Living is not for the weak."

I missed last week because I was in Philly for a few days and forgot to post my picks, but here are the episodes of television that I am most looking forward to for the week of November 3rd. As always, I warn you of potential spoilers ahead if you are not caught up.

Sunday: Masters of Sex - I am loving this new show on Showtime. Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan play Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson who pioneered the science of human sexuality. Bill's wife has just had a miscarriage and he blames himself because he was anxious about being a father. Virginia is still trying to figure out how to work and support her children  and their colleague Ethan is dating the provost's daughter. The acting and writing are fantastic and I look forward to each and every episode. 

Watch Live: Once Upon A Time, Homeland
DVR: The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, Witches of East End

Monday: The Voice - It is finally time for the live rounds! I do not have any favorites yet but, in general, I tend to root for Team Christina. The performances so far this season have been great and I really enjoy the chemistry between the original coaches. Shakira and Usher were fine, but I prefer Christina and Cee Lo and I hope someone from one of their teams wins this round and takes the crown from Blake :)

Watch Live:Castle
DVR: How I Met Your Mother, Hart of Dixie, Sleepy Hollow

Tuesday: New Girl - Three words: COACH IS BACK....also, Taye Diggs is guest starring. This is pretty much a no-brainer.

Watch Live: Agents of SHIELD, Trophy Wife, Sons of Anarchy
DVR: The Originals, The Goldbergs, The Voice