Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jax: Is there anything you love so much, you'd protect it, no matter the cost, the damage it did to you?

Tara: Yeah, a child
Jax: Yeah. That's how I feel about this club. Since I was five, Tara, all I've ever wanted was a Harley and a cut. Change won't happen quick, or without blood, but it'll happen. It has to.

I talked about my new favorite show, Sons of Anarchy, a few weeks ago, but never followed up after watching season 3. I could not wait for them to release each individual episode on Hulu, so I broke down and bought the entire season on iTunes. This was a good and bad decision for me. The good thing is I have now seen the entire third season and it was just as awesome as the first two, as I predicted. The bad thing is that I have now spent countless hours watching the first three seasons over and over again. 

My new love for this show also means that Charlie Hunnam has been added to my list of actors that I need to see almost everything they have ever done. This list has so far included Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Timothy Olyphant and Kristen Bell. Thankfully, Hunnam's is not a super long list and includes a few things I had already watched or was planning to watch.

He is a British actor that was first known for his role on the British version of Queer as Folk. Unfortunately, this is the only thing that I have not been able to find anywhere to watch. If anyone knows where I can get it without having to buy it, please let me know, I would really appreciate it! It is supposed to be one of his best roles, aside from Sons of Anarchy. 

I did not even realize that he was in Cold Mountain until after watching Sons of Anarchy and then checking his IMDb profile. It did not help that he does not really look like himself in this film and his character is a little creepy. It is one of my favorite books and I own the movie as well, so I have since re-watched the movie and still love it...although the ending inevitably always makes me cry. He plays one of the men in town who is tracking down and killing army deserters, a small but well-played role.

Undeclared is another case where I had watched the show before I knew who Charlie Hunnam was and had to go back and re-watch it. I had seen a few episodes over the years, but never the whole series. In this, he plays Jay Baruchel's foreign exchange student roommate, Lloyd. The show also starred Seth Rogen. I am not a huge fan of Judd-Apatow-humor, but it only lasted one season, so I am going to try to make it through all seventeen episodes. 

Children of Men was one of the movies that was already in my Netflix queue. It had an interesting concept, but was mostly just a weird movie that was kind of hard to follow. It stars Clive Owen, Michael Caine and Julianne Moore and takes place in 2027. Humans have not procreated in 18 years, so when a young pregnant girl is discovered, Clive Owen does everything he can to keep her safe. However, the movie does not do a very good job at explaining who the different villains are or why they are doing what they are doing. Hunnam plays one such dreadlocked bad guy who is trying to track down Owen. His role was not very big and he mostly ran around trying to shoot people :o)

Abandon was another weird movie, but one in which he played a main role. Katie Holmes is a college student at the end of her senior year. She is already under a lot of pressure to finish writing her thesis paper and find a job for after graduation, when her ex-boyfriend, who inexplicably disappeared two years earlier, reappears. Hunnam plays the ex-boyfriend, Embry Larkin. You are trying to figure out if he is dangerous and wants to harm his ex-girlfriend, but she is also a little crazy, so maybe she is just imagining that he is back. You are not really sure of what is truly going on until the end. It was a little scarier than I thought it was going to be but, I am not really sure what to make of this movie. It was not bad, but it was not really that fabulous either. Katie Holmes tends to annoy me, but Hunnam's performance was excellent. However, I would not have seen this had he not been in it.

He has a new movie coming out this summer called The Ledge, which also stars Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson and Terrence Howard. The trailer was released yesterday:

If you are not already watching Sons of Anarchy, you should catch up now and be ready for season 4 this fall. I also highly recommend you get more familiar with Charlie Hunnam. The movies he has done so far have not been stellar, but that is in no way because of his performances. He is a great actor that does not get anywhere near enough recognition for his talent. (Not to brag, but I said the same thing about Bradley Cooper right before his career exploded, so you might want to listen to me :o) 


ps. If you are already a fan of Sons of Anarchy, make sure that you are following creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter on Facebook and Twitter!