Saturday, September 22, 2012

"May The Lord Grant You Extra Innings."

So far this Fall, I have not done as well as usual on my list of movies that I want to see. The Words and The Cold Light of Day received horrible reviews, more horrible than I expected, so I will wait until they come out on DVD. Yes, I will still eventually watch them because of my love for Bradley and Henry respectively.  In general, I have not been all that inspired to go to the movies lately.

However, I did go and see Trouble with the Curve today and I really enjoyed it. It was definitely not a perfect movie, but it was about baseball, it made me laugh and it made me cry. What more can a girl ask for?

Clint Eastwood plays Gus Lobel, an aging baseball scout for the Atlanta Braves whose eye sight is beginning to go and is still the best in the business. His daughter Mickey, played by Amy Adams, is close to making partner at her law firm, but when the Braves start to question Gus's judgement, she takes time off to join him on a recruiting trip to check out the number one draft pick a week before the draft. Despite their strained relationship, she ends up jeopardizing her own job to save her father's.

Eastwood and Adams have great chemistry. I love Adams and think she is fantastic in every role that she takes on. Justin Timberlake plays her love interest and, while his character is probably unnecessary, I thought he did a good job and I liked his interactions with both Adams and Eastwood. In general, he is becoming a great actor and has started to work on some interesting projects.

I would not say that this is a must-see movie. The dialogue does not always flow seamlessly and the struggles in Gus and Mickey's relationship were a little drawn out, but the interactions between the actors keep you invested and engaged. Overall, I think that if you like baseball you will probably enjoy this as much as I did.


Monday, September 3, 2012

"Tell me you love me."

September is finally here and that means so is the start of Fall Television. Therefore, as is tradition, here is my list of all the new and returning shows for which I will be tuning in. As always, I have packed my schedule.

Returning Shows:
Blue Bloods
Don't Trust the B---- In Apartment 23
Grey's Anatomy
Happy Endings
Hart of Dixie
How I Met Your Mother
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
New Girl
Once Upon A Time
Sons of Anarchy
The Good Wife
The Vampire Diaries
The Voice