Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"The Gods have given me vision. I cannot change the future. You can."

Even though it did not get great reviews, I went to see Immortals on Friday. I am a fan of Henry Cavill and the special effects intrigued me. I left the movie thinking that it was not that bad and actually pretty entertaining, but the more I think about it, the more holes I find.

Long ago, after a mythic battle, the Gods imprisoned the Titans within Mount Tartarus never again to be released. Now King Hyperion and his massive armies have begun to ravage Greece in search of the one power that can release the Titans, the Epirus bow. Unleashing the Titans would be the end of Mankind and they would destroy the Gods. However, the Gods are not supposed to intervene in Man's affairs. Although, Zeus has chosen Theseus, a bastard and outcast in his village, to lead the people against Hyperion's army.

That is the simplest explanation of the plot, the whole thing is a bit complicated. The storyline and the writing needed a little help to keep everything a litte more coherent. However, the acting and the special effects were great. Even though I am not a fan of 3D, I felt like a movie based on special effects should probably be seen with ALL of its effects. I am not sure that it enhanced the movie for me, but it certainly did not take anything away from it.

Some of the plot points irked me a little bit. I realize that it is a movie mostly geared toward men and they have to throw a hot girl in there so the guys get passed the fact that they are watching other half naked men for two hours. That being said, Freida Pinto's character had no purpose. She plays the Virgin Oracle and, while her vision of Theseus sort of jump-starts his journey, she does not really do much else. I like Freida Pinto and this is in no way a critisism of her acting, but her role was predictable and I did not feel that it added anything to the storyline.

You also have this weird plot where Zeus tells the other Gods not to intervene in man's affairs, even though he himself has chosen Theseus to lead the people. He gets mad when they inevitably do intervene and tells Theseus that unless the Titans are unleashed the Gods will no longer assist them. So you know what is going to happen then...[spoiler alert]...the Titans are released. It just seemed really back and forth and I did not feel the dramatic impact that I think the filmmakers were hoping for. Some of the dialogue could have been written a little better and the storyline did not need to be so complicated.

I cannot imagine what it is like to act in one of these movies where most of the background and effects are added in after the fact. I think the performances were solid. Henry Cavill lived up to my normal expectations and I cannot wait to see him in the new Superman. In terms of some of the other actors, I have not seen Luke Evans in anything else. He has been in Clash of the Titans, Robin Hood and, most recently, The Three Musketeers. However, I enjoyed him as Zeus and look forward to seeing him in The Hobbit next year. Mickey Rourke, on the other hand, I am just not a fan of in general. I think he is a very one dimensional actor and did not bring anything original to the role. Kellan Lutz's performance was also pretty one dimensional, but I think that can be attributed more to the lack of depth in the writing than to his acting abilities. Aside from Zeus, the rest of the Gods in general did not have much going on in terms of character development.

All that being said, it is first and foremost an action movie and I definitely enjoyed the fight scenes. They were well done and very entertaining and I do not really know what else to say about that :o)

As a whole, they tried to do too much in a short amount of time and it did not really work. If you are only seeing this movie because of the special effects or, for the ladies, all the hot bodies, then you will certainly get your money's worth. Otherwise, I would skip this one in the theaters. It breaks my heart to say that, because I adore Henry Cavill, but it is not really worth the time.