Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"You know, for a crazy homeless person, he's pretty cut."

I thought that Thor was a lot of fun. Going into it, I did not realize how much of the movie would take place in his home realm, Asgard. The trailers make it seem like it would be mostly about his time on Earth, but I would say it is split pretty evenly between the two realms. The mythology of the character is interesting, for those of us who have not read the comics, and at no point was I confused about what was going on. Sometimes with the origin stories, the film makers try to cram too much information into the film and it muddles the storyline, but I did not find that with Thor.

The special effects were excellent and
the realm of Asgard was pretty awesome looking. I kind of wish that I could live there. And while I did end up seeing it in 3-D, I do not think it is necessary. Although, I never really think 3-D is necessary, and certainly not IMAX 3-D. I do not feel that 3-D really adds anything to the experience, except that you have to wear annoying, bulky, plastic glasses for two hours.

Chris Hemsworth is very nice to look at, especially shirtless. It is also nice to see that he can do more than just crash a Federation starship into a Romulan mining vessel. He did a very good job carrying the entire movie and I look forward to seeing him in other projects. However, I do have to say that Vincent D'Onofrio will always be Thor in my heart :o)

In terms of the rest of the cast, everyone else's performances were on par with what you would expect from them. Kat Dennings stood out to me because she is hilarious and Tom Hiddleston was also excellent as Thor's brother, Loki. As with the Iron Man movies, make sure you stay until the very end of the credits for your Nick Fury cameo. 

If you like action movies, or even if you just like hot guys, then I would highly recommend seeing this movie. It is entertaining throughout and definitely worth seeing on the big screen.