Monday, August 1, 2011

"I should have fought for you. 'Cause you fight for your soul-mates."

As many of you know, I think that Ryan Gosling is the best actor of our generation. Unfortunately, he has not been in a lot of mainstream movies, so most people only know him from The Notebook. This is a shame because he has been in some fantastic movies that I recommend you watch immediately.

That being said, I loved Crazy, Stupid Love. It starts out a little slow, introducing you to all the characters and their stories, but it gradually picks up. The general tone of the movie is more serious than I expected it to be, but still really funny at the same time. There is some really great comedic acting from Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. This might be a little surprising for Gosling, who usually plays dark, moody characters, but he is such a fantastic actor that the comedy did not seem unnatural coming from him. This movie was emotional, it was smart, but mostly it was just really funny.

There are several storylines all intertwined and happening simultaneously. The first is that Steve Carrell's charachter, Cal, finds out that his wife has cheated on him and wants a divorce. He starts going to the local bar, where he meets Gosling's Jacob, a ladies man who takes home a different girl every night. Jacob decides to teach Cal how to "reclaim his manhood" with new clothes and a new attitude. Eventually, Cal realizes that what he wants is his wife back. Jacob then meets the one girl who does not buy his act and does not know what to do with her. Cal's son is also in love with the baby-sitter, but the baby-sitter is secretly in love with Cal. While watching the movie, I felt like I could have done with less of the children, but it actually all came together at the end in a HILARIOUS scene.

Julianne Moore and Kevin Bacon were funny, but did not really stand out all that much to me. Moore's emotional scenes made a bigger impact. Also, Marisa Tomei started out funny but then got a little too crazy. I did really enjoy Liza Lapira as Emma Stone's best friend, but I mostly just really loved the interactions between Gosling and Carrell, as seen here:

This will probably not give you any tips on how to actually fix or save your relationships, but it definitely has a lot of heart as well as a lot of humor. It is a great date movie and is just a movie that everyone should see.