Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar goes to....

Here they are, my 2011 choices and predictions for the Academy Awards:

Best Actor: 
My choice - Colin Firth or James Franco
Probable winner - Colin Firth

Best Actress: 
My choice - Michelle Williams or Natalie Portman
Probable winner - Natalie Portman 

Supporting Actor: 
My choice - Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner or Geoffrey Rush
Probable winner - Christian Bale 

Supporting Actress: 
My choice - Amy Adams or Hailee Steinfeld
Probable winner - Melissa Leo or Hailee Steinfeld 

Best Animated: 
My choice - How To Train Your Dragon 
Probable winner - Toy Story 3 

Best Director: 
My choice - Tom Hooper
Probable winner - David Fincher 

Best Picture: 
My choice - 127 Hours, The Fighter or The King's Speech
Probable winner -The King's Speech