Monday, December 31, 2012

"There you go, finding a hidden advantage in an unfortunate circumstance...

...using pain to take you to the next level. Those are the things that turn players into kings."

I wanted to post this last week while I was home in Philadelphia, but my mother's computer has gotten so slow that it would have taken me all week to finish. So here now, only a little delayed, are my favorite episodes of television from the past year. As I remind you every year, I do not think that they are necessarily the BEST episodes from the year, just my favorites. Be forewarned, there are plenty of spoilers ahead.

So, without further ado...

Sons of Anarchy "Laying Pipe"
This episode completely destroyed me. I was literally in a ball on the floor crying my eyes out by the time it was over. All that really needs to be said is that Ryan Hurst is a warrior and gave an incredible and heart-breaking final performance as Opie Winston. His presence on the show will be sorely missed but he went out in stellar fashion. I really enjoyed the entire season, but this hit me harder than anything else this year and really intensified everything else that happened the rest of the season. It will really set the tone for who Jax ultimately becomes. I said it last year and I will say it again, Kurt Sutter is a crazy genius and he has a phenomenal and totally under-rated cast backing him up.

The Vampire Diaries "Memorial"
Another episode of television that made me cry. I loved the whole episode, but I especially enjoyed the end where they released the Chinese floating lanterns in memory of all the friends and family they have lost over the past four seasons. And then, of course, when Damon refused to participate, he went to the cemetery to rant at Alaric's grave and as the camera pans out we see ghost Alaric sitting beside him listening and he says the best five words of the whole episode: "I miss you too, buddy."  So good.

Parenthood "One More Weekend With You"
This show has really stepped up its game this season. Parenthood has always been a great hour of television, but season four has been absolutely amazing every single week. A breast cancer storyline and a new character who is an Iraq War veteran has upped the stakes this year and every single actor has risen to the challenge. Monica Potter, Peter Krause, Mae Whitman and newest addition Matt Lauria are all especially mind-blowing in their performances. I liked this episode the best because it showed Kristina going through her first chemo treatment and the reaction she has from it in an incredibly realistic way. It also shows us for the first time, the real struggle that Ryan is going through after having lost one of his military buddies and how Amber deals with him and his situation. I really love the characters on this show and all of the actors that portray them. There really is not one weak link. It just continues to make me wish I were a Braverman.

Suits "High Noon"
I said this in my post a couple weeks ago, but I really was not sure that I would like this when it started, but it has become one of my favorite shows on television right now. The season finale was just so good, I couldn't not put it on my list. Everything comes to a head in the finale. Mike is dealing with the death of his grandmother, the firm votes to replace Jessica as managing partner, Harvey and Mike discover what Hardman has ultimately been up to and Rachel tries to get back together with Mike only to find him in bed with his married ex-girlfriend. All that is fantastic, but it is Mike and Harvey getting stoned and plotting to pee in Louis's office that may be one of the best moments of the series.

The Newsroom "5/1"
I was at home in bed watching the Phillies v. Mets game and checking my twitter feed on my phone. I do not remember who it was that first tweeted the news, but as soon as I saw it I opened my laptop and checked CNN to confirm that Osama Bin Laden was in fact dead. As the news spread through Citizens Bank Park, the fans started chanting "U-S-A" over and over again.

My favorite part of this episode is when Don is throwing a fit on the plane because he does not understand why he is not being allowed off the plane or why it is such a big deal that he addresses the entire cabin. Then he sees the stripes on the pilots shoulders and that he is flying on United Airlines and he realizes why he cannot do those things. He tells the pilots and the stewardess that Bin Laden is dead and I tear up every single time.

Where were you the night you found out that Osama Bin Laden had been killed?

Honorable Mentions: House of Lies "The Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments," New Girl "Eggs," Shameless "Fiona Interrupted," Justified "Slaughterhouse," Hart of Dixie "The Big Day," White Collar "Stealing Home" and Last Resort "Blue Water."

The entire season of Breaking Bad as a whole was amazing, but I could not pick an individual episode that I enjoyed the most. The same goes for The Walking Dead and Homeland. I tend to enjoy those shows in their complete form but usually do not find specific episodes that I can watch over and over again.

The theme this year seems to be that lots of shows made me cry and I liked it :)

What are some of your favorite episodes from TV in 2012? Please share them with me!



ps. I will try my best to have my list of favorite 2012 movies up tomorrow or the next day, at the very latest.