Monday, October 3, 2011

"He's heavy for half a guy."

For the past five days I have been visiting friends in the great state of Texas and was FINALLY able to go to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. For those of you who do not already know, the Drafthouse is basically a movie theater where they serve you food and alcohol in your seat during the movie. They show mainstream movies, but they also show the more artsy movies and cult classics. There are several of them in Austin, but there are also locations in Houston and San Antonio, as well as in Virginia and Colorado. Going to this place was number one on my list of things I wanted to do while in Austin and it totally lived up to my expectations.

Part of it living up to my expectations was the movie that my friend and I saw, which was Tucker & Dale vs Evil, because it was awesome!

Tucker and Dale are two good intentioned hillbillies who are headed to their new vacation home. While trying to fix up their cabin, they run into a group of college students who are camping. One of the girls ends up falling into the lake and hitting her head while Tucker and Dale are fishing, so they bring her back to their cabin to fix her up. The rest of the teenagers think that these hillbillies have kidnapped their friend and plan to kill her. While trying to save her a lot of funny misunderstandings occur, including several of the teenagers accidentally killing themselves and each other. Tucker and Dale are completely baffled by what is going on around them.

I do not like scary movies, but I do like funny scary movies and this scary movie was hilarious. They reference other similar genre movies like Fargo and Deliverance, and Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine play Tucker and Dale perfectly. It is hard to go into too much detail about the movie without giving away all the funny parts, but suffice it to say that the line, "Are you okay?" will make you laugh harder than it normally does, which is probably not at all :o)

Although most of the college students were unknown actors, they still were great in their respective stereotypes. I especially enjoyed the blond girl who always had her giant purse with her, even while running scared through the woods. And, unless you are like me, you probably do not know who the two main actors are. Tudyk has been in Firefly/Serenity, 3:10 to Yuma and Dodgeball, and can now be seen in the new sitcom Suburgatory. While Labine has been in the shows Reaper, Sons of Tuscon and Mad Love and was most recently in the film Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Both are great and hilarious actors and they definitely deserve your attention.

I am not sure if this is playing in every city yet, but I do know that it is available OnDemand. It did really well at the South by Southwest festival last year, but for some reason was not released until recently. Whether you watch it at home or wait for it to come to a theater near you, I highly recommend that you see this movie. It is not going to win any Academy Awards but it is definitely entertaining.