Monday, December 19, 2011

"What's the point of being an outlaw when you got responsibilities?"

I know that I have been really bad about writing the last few weeks and I apologize. Aside from the craziness of the holidays, I am also in the process of planning a move to Austin, Texas at the end of January. I have lived in Philadelphia my whole life and I just felt like I needed a change, so I am packing up my things and starting over somewhere new. Do not worry though, because I will still keep up with the blog after the big move :o)

That being said, I have been trying to catch up on shows that I always meant to watch but just never got around to them. I have recently started watching Flashpoint and Breaking Bad. I also plan to start watching the original Dallas so that I can be up-to-date when the new show starts this summer on TNT.

Flashpoint takes place in Canada follows a Strategic Response Unit (or SWAT team). Each episode is about a different crisis that they must deal with ranging from hostage situations to bomb scares. It stars Enrico Colantoni aka Keith Mars from Veronica Mars, which is why I started watching it in the first place. Amy Jo Johnson plays another main character and you may remember her as Julie Emrick from Felicity or the Pink Power Ranger :o) It originally aired on CBS, but now can be found on Ion Television.

They deal with a different case each week but, it's a little bit different than your typical CSI or Law & Order and I really enjoy it. It delves more into the psychological aspects of the subject so that the SRU can talk them out of the situation they are in. They are an elite group of police officers with high tech gear and sniper training. I am halfway through season three and if you usually like procedural shows than I definitely recommend giving this one a try. Plus, they wear such cool pants!

I have also really enjoyed Breaking Bad. It is a very well written and well acted show that focuses on Walter White, a high school Chemistry and amateur Meth cook. He is diagnosed with lung cancer and must figure out how he is going to pay for all his medical bills. After finding out that one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman, is a Meth dealer, Walt decides to team up with him. Sometimes the individual episodes can be a little slow as they are setting things up for a big episode the following week. However, the interactions between Walt and Jesse are always fantastic and it is just a really smart show. I still need to see the last season but this is another show that I highly recommend catching up on before the new season starts next summer.

I am also in the process of figuring out my favorite movies and TV episodes from 2011. Those posts will be up as soon as I can get them finished. I also have seen The Descendants and that review will go up tomorrow.

On a completely unrelated note, I recorded the Alfred James Band playing a song from their new album and thought I would share it with you here:

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!