Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lemon: I just want to let you know that it does not make you any less of a woman that you yourself have no wedding plans...

...or a boyfriend or even the prospect of one, because that little doctoring job you have can keep you busy for years to come and we have a great tradition of dignified spinsters down here.

Even though I have been really bad about updating my blog the past few months, I have definitely not stopped watching television. A few new shows started this Spring, some good and some not-so-good. Here are a few thoughts on what has been going on most recently.

A few of the new shows that I have been watching are Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, Girls and Scandal.

I am pretty picky about which sit-coms I watch, but I have really enjoyed Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23. James Van Der Beek is hilarious, but I am glad that he is not the main focus of the show, and I have liked Krysten Ritter since she was on Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. It was just renewed for a second season and I am very excited to see what other craziness they come up with. Will James win Dancing With The Stars?! :o)

Girls, on the other hand, I am not quite sure about yet. I have watched the first few episodes and while I do not hate it, I also do not love it. As a twenty-something woman myself, I just do not really feel a connection to any of the characters. It has smart writing and parts of it are definitely funny, I just cannot get into it.

I was not sure about Scandal when it started. Something about the way they promoted the show just did not appeal to me. However, after hearing all the great buzz about it once it premiered, I decided I had to give it a try and I am very glad I did. The first season was short, but very high paced and incredibly entertaining. It did not go where I expected it to, but that made it all the more intriguing. I have heard that creator Shonda Rhimes wants to make season 2 a short one as well so that she can keep up the pace of the storyline and I am totally on board for that. While I do not enjoy waiting longer for new seasons, sometimes shows stretch things out too much just to fill twenty (or more) episodes.

Glee, on the other hand, has just gotten so bad. I used to at least enjoy the musical numbers, but now I cannot even get into those anymore. Every episode has become too much like a Public Service Announcement and there are just too many characters to care about. I finished this season but am not likely to keep watching next season. I have also totally lost interest in Mad Men and The Killing and they have been officially deleted from my DVR. I was just not excited to watch the episodes each week and finally decided not to waste anymore time watching them out of habit.

I am really liking the second season of Game of Thrones, although I would enjoy more scenes with Robb Stark :o) I read the first book before watching the first season but have not read the second book, which I think has helped me enjoy the show more. I have been told that this season is not following the book as closely, but I like not knowing what new characters will show up or where the story is headed. It has been a little more confusing keeping track of everyone, but overall I am getting into season two much more than I did with season one.

In terms of returning summer shows, I am most excited about White Collar, Rookie Blue, Suits, and Necessary Roughness. I also plan to check out new shows The Newsroom, Political Animals, Bunheads, Dallas and Breaking Pointe.

Is there anything coming out this summer that you are looking forward to?