Sunday, December 8, 2013

"When Khrushchev pushes the button, you can have the morning off. Until then, you're still my secretary."

Several of my shows are already on winter hiatus and most of the rest have their winter finale this week. Here is what I will be watching:

Sunday: Masters of Sex - Virginia finally voiced out loud that she and Dr. Masters had an affair and subsequently quit working for Dr. Masters to help Dr. DePaul with her uterine cancer study. Margaret Scully has also figured out what exactly her husband has been up to and asked for a divorce and Dr. Langham discovers that one of the women with which he had sex for the study is now pregnant. I enjoy this series more and more each week and I am interested to see how these characters respond to all these new circumstances.

Watch Live: Once Upon a Time

Monday: The Sing-Off - The entire season will be aired over just two weeks, with several new episodes per week. Also, judge Sara Bareilles has been replaced with Jewel this year. I love a capella and I am so glad that NBC has brought this show back!

Watch Live: The Voice 
DVR: Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow 

Tuesday: Sons of Anarchy - I am equally excited and nervous for this season six finale. After Juice's breakdown last week, I am worried he might not survive the episode. I am also concerned for Tara's life. I am pretty sure she is going to end up either dead or in prison. I am hoping for the later. Creator Kurt Sutter never disappoints so, if nothing else, this final episode will be just as fantastic as the rest of the season. I will make sure to have tissues handy, just in case.

Watch Live: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Voice 
DVR: Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs 

Wednesday: Arrow - At the end of last week's episode, Oliver had been drugged and Barry Allen had been brought in to Team Arrow to help save him. (I was looking forward to seeing Allen turn into The Flash later this season, but now it looks like they will save that for his spin-off pilot.) Oliver still has yet to figure out what Brother Hood is up to or even who it is that is under the hood. Malcolm Merlyn is still lurking around threatening to tell Thea that he is her father and there has also been speculation on the internet that Isabel Rochev is the daugher of Ra's al Ghul. Hopefully, some of these things will be answered this week.

Watch Live: Mob City 
DVR: The Sing-Off, The Tomorrow People and Nashville 

Thursday: Scandal - I kind of figured that Olivia's mom was the real bad guy a few weeks ago, but I still cannot believe that Sally Langston killed her husband! The Huck and Quinn scenes also made me a little uncomfortable, but I am happy to see Quinn back working for the home team. Will she kill Command? Or will Huck be able to call her off in time? Also, will James really leave Cyrus? On the one hand, I love their chemistry, so I kind of hope he stays. But, on the other hand, Cyrus really treats James very poorly, so he really should get out while he still can. I have no idea where things are going, but I am on the edge of my seat every week and I love it!

Watch Live: The Sing-Off and The Crazy Ones 
DVR: The Vampire Diaries, Ground Floor, Parenthood, Elementary and White Collar 

Friday: The Carrie Diaries - This show just makes me so happy. I do not really have anything specific to say except that, if you are still not watching it, you are really missing out. The entire first season is available to stream on Netflix and all of season two's episodes are available on The CW's website.

Watch Live: Raising Hope

I have pretty much given up on Homeland this season. I might catch up eventually, but I am currently very far behind with no real interest in watching the episodes I have missed. However, I am still enjoying my rewatch of Spartacus each Saturday on Starz.

Also, if you have not seen my 25 Days of Holiday Clips each day on Facebook and Twitter, all of those can be found here.