Monday, September 19, 2011

"Note to self: Hold the trophy like it's The Lion King baby."

I did not watch the Emmys live last night because I was at the Phillies game. Instead, I DVR'd the show and stayed up until 2am watching it. Here now is a list of some of the things I liked about the show and a few things I could have done without:

-All the Friday Night Lights love! I got a little overly excited when Zach Gilford, Jesse Plemons and Michael Jordan were featured in Jane Lynch's opening number, even though you only saw them for about 30 seconds. And, even though I knew they were coming because I had checked twitter from the game, Jason Katims winning Best Writer for a Drama and Kyle Chandler winning Best Actor in a Drama made me ridiculously happy as well.

-Cee Lo Green having trouble with his chair from The Voice made me laugh, probably harder than it should have.

-The Best Actress in a Comedy beauty pageant was hands-down the best part of the show. All the ladies standing onstage holding hands, then all hugging when the winner was announced and Melissa McCarthy actually being crowned and handed a bouquet of roses was awesome. I have loved McCarthy since Gilmore Girls but I do not actually watch Mike & Molly, so I really could not say whether she deserved the award or not, but the presentation of the award was hilarious.

-Clifton Murray, who plays one of Channing Tatum's friends in the movie She's The Man, is apparently one of the Canadian Tenors who sang Hallelujah during the In Memoriam montage. I found this to be incredibly random and I am probably the only person on the planet who realized that. It made me smile though :o)

-It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia was left out of the comedy montage and Sons of Anarchy was left out of the drama montage. Unacceptable!

-The "Emmytones" started to annoy me halfway through their first song.

-Charlie Sheen was really creepy.

-Mad Men is a good show, but I do not think that it is the best show on TV anymore. In general, my issue with the Emmys is that they seem to chose the winners based on what is most popular, instead of what is the best quality. That is not to say that many of the people who won did not deserve their awards. I am just saying that the Emmy voters need to broaden their horizons a bit.

All that being said, I generally enjoyed the award show. To be fair, I did fast forward through a lot of it, mostly the speeches by people I did not care about, so I could have missed some things. And if you missed the opening number, I present it for you here:

Did you watch the Emmys? What did you think?