Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Better buckle up. Adventure calls."

I watched a lot of television again this week, including the premieres of The Good Wife, Pan Am, Hart of Dixie, Suburgatory and Happy Endings.

Of my returning shows, the premiere of The Good Wife was so good. It started out a little slow, you were not quite sure what was going on with Will and Alicia and then BAM, the best scene happened. If you watch the show, you know what I am talking about ;o) And if you do not yet watch the show, get with the program! I cannot wait for the rest of this season. Also, the first episode of season two of Happy Endings was just as great as last season. While I do think that each character has their annoying moments, I mostly find them hilarious, or ah-mah-zing, if you will.

Pan Am was good, but there was a twist in the premise of the show that I was not expecting. There were a few too many flashbacks for my taste, but other than that I enjoyed the plot. The characters are interesting, but I need them to be developed a little bit more before I make up my mind. Christina Ricci is not my favorite actress, but I like Kelli Garner, Mike Vogel, Michael Mosley and Annabelle Wallis. The other actors I do not really know, but I am interested to see where this show goes.

I did not love the first episode of Hart of Dixie, but I think that it definitely has potential. I like the characters and the actors, I just think they need to fix a few things. For one, someone needs to remind Josh Schwartz that this is not Gossip Girl or The O.C. and he needs to tone down the music a little bit. I have no problem with the actual song choices, but when you play a song too loudly over someone's dialogue it kind of kills the mood of the scene. You are trying to portray the Deep South, the music needs to be a little more subtle, in my opinion. I also hope that the voiceover was only for the first episode and does not continue in further episodes. It kind of got annoying after a while. Like I said, I think this show has potential, but I was not completely sold by the premiere.

I am not yet sure how I feel about Suburgatory. Parts of it were funny but parts of it were just not funny. I do love that it stars Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines and Alan Tudyk so  I will have to wait and see on this one. Also, I did not get around to watching Terra Nova yet. I DVR'd it Monday night and was planning to watch it Tuesday, but then everyone online was talking about how bad it was so I put it off. If anyone out there has watched it and actually liked it please let me know, otherwise it might get deleted without having been watched.

Please keep me updated on all the shows you all are watching! Do you agree or disagree with my assessments? I really do want to know! There are only a few shows left to premiere but I will do my best to keep you up to date with my assessments because I know you all cannot survive without them. I also want to wish all of my Jewish friends a Happy New Year!